Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) with Jeff

RAK from JeffOur team member Jeff had been contemplating for some time about where he wanted to focus his contribution for our 75th Anniversary (RAK) Random Acts of Kindness campaign. Jeff’s brainstorming eventually led him to a very basic but very essential necessity in life, “we all need food to eat” he said.

Jeff chose a local grocery store to find a community member who could use help with their weekly grocery purchase. Upon arriving he was faced with his next challenge of who to approach with his donation dollars. How do you choose?! A challenge indeed.

Jeff walked through the store and took his time to absorb his surroundings and politely observed the other customers. Eventually, Jeff overheard a woman telling her husband, “we can’t get that right now, we can’t afford it.” Jeff knew he had found someone who needed a helping hand that day.

Jeff approached the couple and explained our RAK campaign. He then offered them his Random Act of Kindness. Naturally, the couple was a bit apprehensive and not quite sure what they were were getting themselves into.

At first, the husband asked Jeff if Menno S. Martin does driveways. Jeff smiled and said, “no.” He went on to explain that all he wanted to do was help them out with their groceries for the week, no agenda.

Jeff said the two were so happy and so grateful for his gesture and, judging from the photos below, a bit shocked!

Shocked or not, Jeff said that, “there definitely wasn’t a shortage of hugs in that grocery store that day.”

Well done, Jeff. We know this couple will never forget the time they didn’t have to stretch their family dollar because of your random and very kind, act.

More #MennoRAK stories to come.

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