Trudy Gives Back to NOAH and The Working Centre

NOAH and Working CentreNOAH: National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation

Trudy met Scott & Cindy (pictured) when she moved to Waterloo Region in 2000 and became their neighbour. Both Scott & Cindy have albinism and Trudy has been supporting the NOAH organization through their annual bowl-a-thon for many years.

The NOAH organization provides accurate and authoritative information on living with albinism. They provide a safe and supportive space where people living with albinism and their families can find acceptance and fellowship.

Our 75th Anniversary Give Back campaign presented a wonderful opportunity for Trudy to go above and beyond her personal contribution and further show her support to her neighbours turned friends.

“It’s always a fun time meeting people that are benefiting from the great works of the organization.” Trudy said.

We agree with Trudy when she speaks to meeting all the people who benefit from the efforts of kindness. It really is a gift we’ve received since launching this campaign.

The NOAH organization received half of Trudy’s $500 contribution, with her other half going to The Working Centre.

The Working Centre

The Working Centre KitchenerThe Working Centre is another great local Waterloo Region organization that assists the members of our community in various ways such as job searching and housing assistance. They also run the St. John’s Soup Kitchen, the Queen Street Commons Cafe, and Recycle Cycles – to name a few.

Trudy is connected to people in her personal network who have benefited from the highly-acclaimed and most often free programs offered at The Working Centre. She was happy to direct part of her contribution towards the Centre to help offset some of the costs of running them.

We are happy to see Trudy’s kindness spread across organizations and love that both of her contributions are based on personal relationships she holds dear. That is the ripple effect we hoped to see throughout this campaign; giving from the heart, first – then the pocket and back again.

Well done, Trudy!