Living Our Philosophy: Putting People First at Menno S. Martin

Menno Team: Putting People First

Reflecting on the journey of Menno S. Martin over the last decade, it’s been fun and inspiring to see how our philosophy of Putting People First acts as a guiding principle that shapes every aspect of our business. 

This philosophy is not a branding strategy; it’s a way of life that has always been deeply ingrained in our company culture, starting with Menno himself, and demonstrated so naturally by his successor Laverne Brubacher.

The birth of this philosophy wasn’t a calculated move during a branding exercise; it emerged from a profound exploration of our purpose and values. We delved into the “why” of our existence, inspired by Simon Sinek’s concept

Trust and Relationships

For us, Putting People First is synonymous with building trust and cultivating strong relationships with our clients and partners. This commitment invites us to go beyond the ordinary, advocating for our clients in ways that surpass their expectations.

This philosophy isn’t confined to our client interactions; it extends to our hiring process, with prospective employees recognizing and appreciating our people-centric approach. Applicants often mention Putting People First as one of the reasons they are interested in working with our team. Taking a strong stance on a core value has helped attract the right people to our company, something we didn’t necessarily expect.

Our Philosophy in Action

One remarkable aspect of our philosophy is its seamless integration into our daily lives and operations. It has become so organic that we don’t actively look for examples or opportunities; it’s simply how we operate. Whether it’s supporting team members in personal endeavours, going above and beyond our roles for a client or team member or handling tense situations with grace, Putting People First is not just a tagline—it’s a mindset. We love that our team recognizes this on a regular basis, and are quick to point out when they recognize it in action. 

Putting People First fosters deep connections within our team. We take a lot of pride in the camaraderie and genuine connections among our staff. From shared weekend activities to lending a helping hand on personal projects, our team is always there for each other. 

Even our trade partners can be seen helping out on staff projects or hanging out after work together. Our trades know that when they step onto a Menno S. Martin job site, the site will be clean and prepared and they know they will have a great day with our people. The respect and support of everyone we work with is just natural and part of our Putting People First DNA.

Our Living Wage Commitment

And of course, our dedication to people extends to our employment practices. Being a Living Wage employer is not just an annual commitment—it’s a core value. We advocate and emphasize the importance of paying employees what they’re worth. The result isn’t just employee retention but a workforce that has what they need to live life fully and therefore is better able and willing to show up on site each day to do their best work. Our team is very loyal to our company, our team and our clients. We believe that this is, in part, because we support them in every way that we can.

Look for the helpers

Putting People First isn’t a business strategy—it’s our way of life. In a world that often prioritizes profits over people, we see our success as a testament to the enduring power of prioritizing relationships, trust and the well-being of everyone who connects to Menno S. Martin. 

Our clients, partners and team all live the philosophy in their own ways, and it’s quite fun to point out when we see them doing so. We are always met with a delighted smile and a recognition that most of us are out in the world, doing good for others. As Fred Rogers famously said, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” 

Putting People First invites us to do just that.

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