Huge Thanks for an Awesome Campaign!

We knew you were awesome, and you proved it!

We can’t thank everyone enough for participating in our 75 Days of #PuttingPeopleFirst. We heard so many great stories from our friends, clients and our community about how the people they know are living the Putting People First philosophy.

And we love seeing our t-shirts on all you happy, giving people!

What an incredible place we live and work. In St. Jacob’s, Waterloo, Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge and beyond, there are truly awesome people, doing good each and every day, and we appreciate you.

View more people using their powers for awesome, over on our Putting People First page or on our social media channels:

Twitter: @renosbymenno
Facebook: @MennoS.MartinContractor
Instagram: @renosbymenno

And thanks again everyone, keep up the “awesome” work! And we will keep Putting People First wherever, and whenever we can.

– Art, Trent, Barb and Juanita