Feature Project: Midtown Electric Blue Kitchen

We were serious when we said our clients are starting to incorporate more colour into their home renovations. Last month we even highlighted some of our renovation projects that feature a pop of colour on our blog. To continue the colour theme (and trend), we are excited to share one of our latest projects, the Midtown Electric Blue Kitchen.

Functional design created

This Midtown home built in the early 1920s had a closed-in, inefficient kitchen that needed to be updated. Our clients were very keen to maximize space, design and personal flair in their updated space.

The back portion of the kitchen used to be a closed-in porch that wasn’t insulated so walls were removed, reframed and spray-foam insulation was added creating a much more functional and energy-efficient design.

A supporting beam was installed and a new bump-out was built to house the ductwork that had to be moved to accommodate the new kitchen design. Old style oak floors by Pinecrest were matched to the floors in the front rooms of the home and installed in the new kitchen.

The bulkhead houses new load-bearing beams and new ductwork runs behind the bump-out.

Electric blue LEDs

We love it when our homeowners personalize the design elements in their renovated homes. Personal flair adds interest and makes a home truly unique. In this case, LED strips were added along a top section of the custom cabinetry. The funky lighting can be controlled from the handy electronics drawer located inside the kitchen island. Perfect for entertaining or those boring work from home days, the homeowners can change the colour of the LEDs according to their mood, adding a very fun lighting element to this kitchen.

Electric blue custom tiles

Colourful custom tiles from Creekside Tile Company Ltd. in Vancouver were installed as the backsplash adding an electric blue punch to the back of the kitchen. Incorporating clever design, the outlets were installed out-of-sight under the cabinetry for continuous tile – no cuts required.

Custom counters & cabinets

The custom countertops and cabinetry were installed by Cabinet Effects and our clients are thrilled with their Cambria quartz waterfall countertop in Whitney. Custom corner storage was incorporated and a skinny pan drawer was added next to the stove maximizing space and accessibility.

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