2022 Design Trends To Watch

New year, new inspiration! Here’s our take on the 2022 interior design trends our clients are already incorporating into their home renovations. 

Grand millennialism

Not sure who decided that pastel pink was a millennial favourite, but now there is an official home decor style too. A new twist on traditional furnishings, think pretty, floral, wallpaper, a mix of patterns and colors throughout the home. Brown wood furniture in cherry, mahogany, walnut. Skirted tables, chinoiserie, ruffles galore! But this isn’t your grandmother’s house, often abstract art and metallic accents are mixed in. 

Bye-bye modern farmhouse, hello cottage core! 

Think of cottage core as a simplified version of grand millennial style. The colours are often warmer and deeper and the decor reflects the feel of a simple life in the country. Still with a nod to kitschy floral prints, earthy muted paint colours and vintage china.

Natural materials

People are yearning for soft materials, items rich in texture and that special something that comes from natural sources. As many folks turn to more thoughtful sustainability in all areas of their lives, natural materials are often the logical choice. From bed linens to rugs to unique ceramics, wood and glass used in place of plastics in every area of the home have been making more frequent appearances as our homeowners style their renovations.

Warm-toned kitchens

Although stylish, all white kitchens are a classic and here to stay, 2022 is all about adding warmth to the kitchen, kicking up the cozy. We expect to see more clients embracing warm, natural tones in their cabinetry this year. We love the versatility available, so no matter your style, there is a solution that will fit both this trend and your design scheme.

More house plants!

In almost every article we read, more house plants seems to make the list. We know that houseplants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and they can also be effective in removing toxic chemicals from the air. Many people find they have a calming effect as well, bringing a little nature into our human-made spaces. We are seeing more living walls and hanging plants on our social feeds, that’s for sure. Here are the big ‘it’ plants for 2022, if you really want to be on trend!


Not exactly new for 2022, but cropping up in more and more ways. Furnishings, flooring and building materials that use environmentally-friendly materials reclaimed wood, cork, bamboo, jute, glass, recycled plastic and metal. More of repurposing furnishings, shopping vintage, and choosing quality over ‘fast furniture’ as well. 

Covered range hoods

Heading away from the fancy focal point range hoods or the industrial, commercial kitchen stainless we’ve come to expect, in 2022 kitchen renovators are opting for a cleaner and concealed look. Low profile and flushed with the rest of kitchen cabinetry means clean lines and the illusion of continuous cabinetry. 

2022 Design Trends To Watch, Covered range hoods

Curvy furniture

You love it or hate it, but this is absolutely a huge 2022 design trend! While it hearkens back to the 20s and 30s. If you are looking to update your living room or home office, this style can add femininity and elegance. Curved banquettes in the kitchen are also making a comeback. 

2022 Design Trends To Watch, Curvy furniture
Photo: Wayfair.ca

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