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Menno S. Martin believes that ‘design/build’ provides a process for developing the best home renovation plan possible.

We build this plan around several discussions with our clients. Our design/build team takes into account a variety of important factors that will directly and indirectly affect your satisfaction with our finished product. We balance each design and feasibility element with the goal of elevating the value of your home. Our team works well with clients who prioritize quality and peace of mind above cutting corners and cookie cutter work. At Menno S. Martin, our expertise is not just the knowledge of how to put together bricks and siding. Our service integrates design, realistic costing, construction and project management. It is a process of decision-making where ultimately the home improvement client’s hopes are realized, allowing both parties to feel comfortable signing a fixed price agreement. The design component of building a home includes an evaluation of your current space and foresight regarding the changing demands that you will place on your new spaces.
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Our drive to exceed our clients’ expectations has shaped our design and renovation processes. What we offer is the quality of our ideas and the process of delivering a well-designed product.

Our clients tell us that the time and effort spent on the design/build phase of the project is well worth it. Our finished products reflect the fact that our clients’ wishes are heard, respected and realized in a timely and quality-oriented manner. For a more detailed look at how the Menno S. Martin process unfolds, please see the Our Process section. For even more information contact our team and discover a higher quality of home renovation professionals.

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