Thorndale Drive Addition Waterloo, ON Kitchen-dining room renovation
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We keep saying it, but it’s true. We really do have the coolest clients. A great vinyl and book collection, amazing taste in pop art, and a carefully curated wall of kid’s masterpieces all lend to the relaxed, welcoming home our Thorndale clients have created.

This project was all about opening up the space and bringing in the light! We removed the whole rear wall of their small kitchen-dining room, including a dark covered patio, to create one large, light-filled living-kitchen-dining space that works so much better for their growing family.
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They now have large floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows and patio doors that connect them more easily to their beautiful backyard.
The new family room boasts a modern gas fireplace from Bast Home Comfort with a reclaimed timber mantle, some easy-access storage and plenty of room for activities. Their cats are really enjoying all the additional lounging space.
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Designed with the expert help of Stacy from Simply Dwell, the kitchen is uniquely theirs, with smart decisions that marry heirloom, low profile shaker cabinets (otherwise known as thin rail shakers) with a fun tile choice, and a stunner of a purple island. Some strategic open shelving, stylish lighting and a practical but lovely luxury vinyl plank floor complete the kitchen renovation.
We will be excited to revisit this lovely home next year when we help the homeowners with a new deck and outdoor living space.

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