Trent Gives Back: REEP Green Solutions, Kitchener

REEP Green Solutions, Kitchener, Ontario. Menno Martin donates to REEPOne of the many campaigns we are running for our 75th year in business is for each of our team members to choose where our company should donate $500 in Waterloo Region. Our first donation is being given to REEP Green Solutions.

We have a team filled with caring, engaged individuals, and this year, we want to thank them for their service by donating to a cause that is important to them.

Throughout 2017, we will be highlighting each of the charities and organizations that our every one of our team members have selected.

First up to donate was Trent.

“My wife Juanita and I do our best to live sustainably whether it is through our choice of food by supporting local farmers, saving water through rain water management or using energy efficient technology to heat our house.

It is important to our lifestyle and how we want to see the world progress.

REEP lines up well with our values. REEP places a strong emphasis on public education around living sustainably and climate change.

They also provide homeowners with very practical solutions and tools to use for energy and water conservation.

I am very happy to have our first donation of the year be to REEP.”

Below you can find a short excerpt from REEP’s website. The site is packed with practical, useful information for homeowners and businesses. We encourage you to visit and find out how they can help you live sustainably.


REEP Green Solutions LogoREEP Green Solutions is an environmental charity that helps people in Waterloo Region and across southwestern Ontario live sustainably. Our current focus is on addressing climate change through residential energy efficiency and storm water management. Many of our programs and services are delivered using a social enterprise model.


We believe that by acting today, we can leave our children a community that is more resilient, vibrant, caring and sustainable.


Our mission is to empower the community with the practical tools, knowledge and capacity for action to make sustainable living the norm.


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