Random Acts of Kindness with Jordan and Jeff

RAK in Guelph, Ontario

Encouraging a future builder in Guelph

We are at it again, this time with random acts of kindness in Guelph at the Stone Road Mall.

Our carpenter Jordan wanted to surprise a local child with a brand new Lego set to encourage a future builder out there.

After finding a cool set with a helicopter and ATV he set out for the mall where he found this happy six-year-old and his mom. Jordan asked the little boy’s mom if he would like the Lego set and her response was “oh wow…that is so kind!” The little guy was pretty excited too.

They snapped a photo together and Jordan went on his way feeling very elated from the whole experience.

Treats for everyone at OneRoof, Kitchener

RAK with OneRoof in KitchenerDriven to help a group that can sometimes be overlooked, our plumber/carpenter Jeff wanted to give back to the young adults at OneROOF in Kitchener by delivering pizza, veggies, dips and soda to the centre. It was a welcome snack for those who use the programs and a nice change for the staff. Local to the neighbourhood, Jeff sees how important the oneROOF services are to youth at risk and wanted to show his support with this kind gesture.

oneROOF is located on Queen Street South in Kitchener and their youth services include outreach, social enterprise programs, drop-in hours, essential services, food hampers, hot meals and emergency shelter. If you are interested in more information about this wonderful organization, visit their website and if you want to extent your support, see how you can become involved.

More #MennoRAK stories to come.

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We hope these random acts of kindness will inspire you to do the same! Stay tuned for more Menno Random Acts of Kindness to come all year long.