Decorating Trends in 2023

Whether you’re thinking about doing a major renovation or just refreshing some of your rooms, a good place to start is by exploring what top designers are predicting for this year’s decorating trends.

2023 Interior Design Trends: Warm up with neutrals

Cool neutrals like white and grey have dominated design in the last decade, but designers are predicting a move to more earthy, natural, and warm materials and palettes in 2023, taking inspiration from the ‘70s and the ‘90s.

This shift is thanks in part to the experience of a pandemic and spending more time in our homes—often blurring the lines between work and domestic life—as well as the economic and global concerns that have emerged as pandemic restrictions recede.

“Design is committed this year to preserving the beauty of living on earth,” says Caroline Biros, Communications Director at the Maison&Objet Paris fair. The fair’s theme is ‘Take care!’ with a focus on taking care of your mental and physical health, as well as taking care of others, the planet, and of our skills.

“We enter 2023 with a lot of uncertainty, and cost of living is a priority,” explains Gemma Riberti, head of interiors at international trend forecasting agency WGSN. “So whatever product or space we are going to interact with will need to be meaningful to engage with, to deliver something beyond the mere item or room.”

Avery Cox Design agrees that people are being drawn to these earthy colours and handmade pieces after years of stress, fear, and isolation. As Riberti explains, warm neutrals create a sense of warmth and well-being in rooms, reflecting a rising desire to capture a sense of peace and optimism.

“In 2023, home décor and design trends are primed to shift into earthy, texture-rich territory via brown and wooden furniture, handmade pieces, neutral colour palettes, and bespoke touches that lend warmth and character to a space,” according to Martha Stewart.

2023 Interior Design Trends: Seeing Green

With a focus on sustainability in both product choice and ethos, it may come as no surprise that Elle Decor predicts green to be the accent colour of choice, while major paint brands like Glidden and Sherwin Williams point to earthy tones like calming stones, river blues, and cool clays to be the biggest colour palette of the year.

2023 Interior Design Trends: That 70’s Show Reboot

Photography by Bulcag, GettyImages

Leaning into the brown colours are predictions that the ‘70s aesthetic will see a resurgence. HGTV notes that modular furniture, earthy colour palettes, and bold patterns will all make a comeback this year.

And if the ‘70s isn’t your era of choice, you can utilize the same earthy colour palettes with a more 90s aesthetic.

“Bring on the beige, brown, and cream. Cool neutrals will be passed over for hues that are, we dare say, evocative of the ’90s,” says Elle Decor.

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