Building Science and Home Comfort for Home Renovations

Family enjoying a comfortable home

With the shift in our daily schedules and the need to stay closer to home, renovations need to consider, now more than ever, applying building science for home comfort improvements, and to increase indoor air quality (IAQ) for your home. 

Many of our clients are inquiring about these issues and asking, 

  • How do we improve the indoor air quality of our home? 
  • Is there much that can be done to install climate control in different zones of our home? 
  • Is there a way to improve my home’s humidity and ventilation for overall comfort and still get all the functionality and aesthetic updates that we are looking for?

Our resounding answer is always a big “Yes!” Planning to include the following technology solutions for any home renovations is proven to greatly increase the indoor air quality and occupant comfort for your home.

Here are some solutions that the most up-to-date building science and home comfort technology can provide. 

1. Install Humidity Control Technology 

According to Building Knowledge Canada, “Environmental factors such as managing the relative humidity of indoor spaces can both strengthen our defenses and lower the viability of viruses such as influenza.” According to research conducted, living organisms such as a virus or bacteria have higher mortality rates, and viruses lose much of the virulence at relative humidity ranges of 40%-60%.

2. Install Zone Control Technology 

Reviewing zone control for the temperature of different rooms in your home is an efficient way to boost your occupancy comfort and be energy efficient by selecting which parts of the house need to be heated or cooled in a selective way. With zone control, you can control the temperature for different rooms or areas in your home rather than heating or cooling the entire house to the same temperature. This also provides energy-efficiency savings, especially when paired with an air tightness test for your home. 

3. Upgrade HVAC systems 

Essential to a home’s basic comfort needs, heating, ventilation and cooling systems are a central focus. By including an upgrade during renovations, the newest technology has the ability to capture up to 99% of airborne particles, and deactivate airborne and surface contaminants like mold, bacteria and viruses; all issues that can affect your family’s health. A ventilation system automatically exchanges stale air for fresh air, optimizing air flow and helping reduce carbon monoxide (CO2) levels, lingering smells from cooking and cleaning, and more.

Whatever your unique reno needs are, there are solutions to consider with any new renovation that can match your scope and budget plus provide better functionality and increase the comfort and health of your home environment. 

With all these tips in mind, are you ready to start a conversation about your home renovation? We’d love to help.

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