Bathroom Trends for 2016

Trough bathroom sink reno St. JacobsBathroom renovations can be a large investment when it comes to time and money, so it’s only natural for you to decide on a project that not only is in line with today’s current design trends, but that also stands the test of time for years to come. If you’re getting ready to jump into a bathroom renovation this year, it’s worth taking a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the latest design trends. This post will take a look at some of the top bathroom design trends for 2016 so you can see what the trends are and whether they fit into your personal aesthetic.

Bathroom Design Trends for 2016

  • Trough sinks: This on-trend type of sink is essentially an extra long sink that can serve more than one person. Think of it like a vanity featuring his and hers sinks, except there’s no counter space in between the sink bowls. This trend is becoming increasingly popular and you’re going to see a lot more of these types of sinks in 2016.
  • Shower seats: Shower seats aren’t yet the norm when it comes to new showers, but they’re certainly gaining popularity in 2016. They’re just like they sound – a place in the shower where you can bathe sitting down rather than standing up. This is an ideal feature to add to your bathroom if you’re planning on aging in place in your current home.

  • Freestanding tubs: It’s still fairly commonplace for bathtubs to be built in to an adjacent wall in bathrooms, but one trend that is gaining momentum is that of standalone, or freestanding, tubs. These aren’t a fit for every bathroom, but if your bathroom is large enough, it’s certainly an option that will transform the entire space.
  • Open shelving: Vanities with doors are quickly becoming a fad of the past. Open shelving is a hot trend in 2016 – and while it can look sleek and innovative, this trend can also have its downsides if there are items you don’t want everyone to see!
  • Natural tones: Materials like wood are trending upwards, as are other earth-like materials such as stones and rocks. All of these can be integrated into the bathroom in different ways to give it a refreshing and relaxing feeling.
  • White: The color white is making a big comeback, mainly for its fresh, contemporary feel. It’s also a neutral color, which can make decorating with colourful accents very fun but also makes the bathroom more attractive when it comes to resale purposes.
  • Gold plumbing/fixtures: “Blinging” out your bathroom with gold fixtures/plumbing is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Set against a white backdrop, this is a stunning visual impact to make!

What are your thoughts on some of 2016’s hottest bathroom trends? For more information on bathroom design trends, and to begin your dream bathroom renovation – no matter what your tastes are – contact us today.