A Fond Farewell to Trudy Leahey

A Fond Farewell to Trudy Leahey

With many projects, for multiple clients, all happening at the same time, we typically assign a team to each renovation, so that just a few people are focussed on a job, maximizing efficiency and also allowing for great relationships to form with our homeowners. But there is one team member who provides guidance, insight and support to each and every one of our clients and their home renovations, and that is Trudy Leahey, our office manager.

For the last 14 years, Trudy has been our bookkeeper extraordinaire, finance and government regulation expert, chief problem solver, HR and company policy developer and has been the vigilant engineer who has kept our train running smoothly, always in the right direction.

In March, Trudy will transition to a consulting role in order to ease into retirement and so that she can continue to support our new office manager, Julie Heimpel

We wish her well!

“I’ve enjoyed working with Trudy over the last decade. She brought a wealth of experience to us. I’ve watched her elevate our financial reporting and HR standards as well. She is totally dedicated to the company and works hard to maintain our reputation in the community. I’ve seen her share her expertise with other suppliers. She will be missed and I wish her well in her retirement” -Trent

“Trudy has been a fantastic addition to the team, she came to us with a solid foundation and has built on that taking the role to a whole new level! She is forensic in her work, tough as nails, extremely loyal, and an integral support to the whole team, sub-trades and our valued clients. She has seen us through many changes in her 14 years with us, most notably the transition of the business to Trent and me. We are grateful for all of her hard work in every area of the business.”  Art

“Trudy has nurtured the financial and operational aspects of Menno for the last 14 years. She obviously cares very much about her work and has upheld high standards during her time in her role. Trudy has taught me so much already, but she still has an enormous wealth of information in that busy brain of hers. We keep joking that I need to “download” everything she’s got stored in her memory – because her recall is near perfect and she has so much knowledge! It’s been a real blessing to have this open transition time as Trudy has trained and mentored me in this new role. Knowing that she remains available to help me with questions and pass down her many duties to me gradually has made a world of difference in my comfort level and I will forever be grateful for that!” – Julie

A few words from Trudy herself

My decision to retire now has actually been an emotional one since I’ve cherished and enjoyed my “Menno” years. Everyone is treated with such respect here and I will very much miss being part of the “Menno” family. 

2020 has been a challenge for us to all negotiate with the various lockdowns and limited time with family and friends and I look forward to the chance to get back to some sort of normal where we can actually spend time together again. I miss seeing the grandkids as they grow so quickly.

I love to travel when possible, hoping for that to return again. In the warmer months I love to be outside in the gardens and entertaining at the “Leahey” resort.  

Until these things are possible I will catch up on some hobbies like cooking. I would like to compile my favourite recipes into my own journal to share with friends and family. I’m always ready to experiment with new recipes and love to share these with others.

I’m basically ready to take life at a more relaxed, laid back pace. Catching up on things I didn’t always have the time or energy for while also working full-time. Who knows what that might mean, but I am looking forward to finding out!

Bon Voyage! When we can voyage again, that is!

As you can see, Trudy is a special person and we will miss her. We wish her nothing but the best, and can’t wait to see where in the world she and John travel next, once the world opens up again.

Thank you, Trudy! And all the best to you in the next chapter of your life!