A Day in the Life of a Carpenter

“Woke up, fell out of bed,
Dragged a comb across my head
Found my way downstairs & drank a cup,
And looking up I noticed I was late …….”
This is a day in the life for the character in the Beatles song. A typical day in the life of a carpenter starts in a similar way but goes off in many different directions.DSC_0018

6:15   Wake up
6:20   Ready for work, all the home life routines (shower, kids, breakfast)
7:30   Arrive at work. Start to coordinate sub-trades, materials, inspections
8:00   Arrive at jobsite. Set up for the day, review scheduling, organize site equipment, review safety
8:15   Steel beams arrive on delivery truck.
8:30   Crane arrives and starts to set up.
9:00   Beams are boomed into place.DSC_0040
10:00 Start back framing around beams.
10:30 Morning break has arrived.
10:45 More framing at steel beams.
12:00 Lunch -Glad 2 sandwiches were packed today.
12:30 Call plumber, electrician, welder & building inspector
1:00   Call lumberyard to place order for tomorrow.
1:15   Go inside and start framing interior wall sections.
3:00   Afternoon break
3:15   Speak with homeowner to give progress update and confirm millwork details.
3:30   Call cabinet maker to discuss final millwork details for cabinet installation 8 weeks later.
4:45   Clean-up site for the day.
5:00   Leave jobsite for home>
5:01   Glance back at those steel beams -happy to see so much progress today.
5:30   Home for the evening (family, friends, sports, dinner)
1:15   Wake up to solve a problem mulling around in brain all day -the answer is clear now!
1:30   Back to sleep -the alarm comes early and another day awaits.

Every day is different but the common threads are: hard work, satisfying the client, thinking ahead and juggling many tasks to achieve a fantastic finished project.
Hey, that Beatles song is still stuck in my head…. “Found my coat & grabbed my hat, made the bus……”